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SLU’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is looking for an adjunct instructor to teach a field techniques course for undergraduates. The course is geared towards sophomore/junior level students in environmental science and geoscience, so we’re looking for someone with at least a BS in an environmental science/geoscience field but would prefer a BS + additional work experience or MS or higher. Contact Elizabeth Hasenmueller for more information at

Missouri S&T’s Geosciences & Geological and Petroleum Engineering Department is looking for an adjunct professor to teach a Discontinuous Rock course in the spring. This is a graduate level course and could be taught remotely. It would require at least a M.S. degree with some years of experience. Contact Jeffrey Cawlfield for more information at or 573-341-6674. The course description is as follows:

GEO ENG 6477 Discontinuous Rock (LEC 3.0): Nature and properties of discontinuous rock masses, genesis and properties of joints, role of joints in rock shear strength, slope of stability of jointed rock, fracture flow hydrogeology. Modeling of the mechanical behavior of fractured rock. Prerequisite: Min Eng 4823 or Geo Eng 5471.

The below students are looking for employment! Click on each name to download the student’s resume.

Mr. Kaya Kamou graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology in May 2022 with a M.S. in Geology and Geophysics.

Ms. McKayla Mateer will graduate from Missouri University of Science and Technology in May 2024 with a B.S. in Geological Engineering.

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Updated November 11, 2022.